by Trevor Bennett


We have been aware for some time that the costs of printing the Newsletter, plus posting the Newsletter and Journal for those who subscribe to that, exceeds the total Membership income, directly to the UK Treasury and via the Scottish Group (SG) Treasury, (£1,138 last financial year vs £1,109) - using the services of LondonMet University.


It is fortunate that, at present, we do not pay cash for the Journal, the copies for Members being supplied free by the Publisher in recognition of the services of the Editorial Board supplied by the Society.




We have not increased the full rate fees for more than 5 years and, for current Members, a reduction of 25% is applied for Retired Members and some Students. For the SG, we do not know what proportion of their Members receive this discount as they pay the Scottish Treasurer.


At the end of the accounting period above, we had a total of 92 Members receiving publications, only 25 opting to receive just the Newsletter (of which 19 in the SG) paying £15-£20; 52(35 in the SG) paying £30-£40 per annum to receive the Journal and the NL, plus 15 complimentary memberships (Press, Trustees etc).


Meanwhile the website at receives around 600 unique visitors per month (4,000 this year so far), making 8,000 visits and looking at pages 10,000 times this year, clearly helping one of our major Aims, that of disseminating the information we originate or collect, to the largest majority, nationally and internationally. We expend a lot of energy (but little money) to provide this service, and are making ALL our Publications available on line, readable as web pages, in e-mail Newsletters, or as down-loadable documents for Members to print themselves. We are hoping also to negotiate this for the Journal, Nutrition and Health. It will be possible to mail-order existing printed documents including books, some Journals/Newsletters, via the website.


We have been offering for some months the facility to apply on-line, and pay on-line or by cheque/ bank transfer, for Memberships and renewals, (or indeed pay for Publications and make donations).


To better serve the vast number of potential new contacts, collaborators, and Members via the Internet, to control costs, and simplify what we have to offer, we are proposing the following structure for "membership" and payments, and these are the only options offered at the website for NEW Members:


1. To Register free as a Website User to: receive news by email, comment on articles, plus some extra facilities - (email address required, see below for our offer of addresses @ the Society);


2. Online-only Membership: to receive Members Only Newsletter and other privileged Content, as it is posted at the website and in Members e-newsletters, to be able to download recent and current newsletters and to contribute items for publication (includes benefits as in 1. above) £10 per annum.


3. Full Membership, with Journal by post, and digests/ Newsletters included in the same mailing whenever possible, plus occasional Conference discounts etc, (includes all the above Online benefits) £40 per annum.


All Existing members will be asked if they will change to one of the new options when their current term is up, although we will make efforts to supply prints to those who insist! We propose to abandon the 25% discount rather than raise the Full price, although we cannot be certain that the Publishers will continue to supply copies of the Journal to the Society on the basis mentioned above.


All paid Memberships will run for one year from the date of reception/ banking of payment, and reminders will be sent. All Members who can and will access the on-line services by logging in are earnestly requested to do so, to help eliminate postage and printing costs. Please see the details in the accompanying letter, and respond using the tear-off portion and Stamped Addressed Envelope, if you cannot or do not wish to do this at the website at



If you have kindly given us your email address in the past, possibly while applying for a place at one of our Conference, it will be included in the covering letter for confirmation. As the Membership system insists that a unique email address of valid format is entered, if we did not know it, we have generated one of the form This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and this will be disclosed, with your username for log-in in the form firstname.lastname, and your Postcode entered as a Password, upper case and with an Underscore _ instead of the space. Example: BBC Broadcasting House: W1A_1AA ).


Please try logging on using these details, as many more facilities are then available, including full text of recent Newsletters and other Members-Only content and the means to check and correct your Postal address etc. If you wish to use these facilities and have any difficulty, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by going to the web page


We will take great care of your information and email address and you will have the opportunity to "unsubscribe" from services such as the email News which includes brief introductions to newly added Public and Members articles at the website.