altWhile the EU, with one hand, tries its best to limit access by its citizens to useful forms and levels of vitamins and minerals, it seems ever intent, with the other hand, to foist more and more genetically modified (GM) foods on us. This is a critical time for action by EU citizens!


There are three very time sensitive actions that need your attention. We implore you to give a few minutes to these action. Action 1 will take you less than minute, Action 2 around 5 minutes, and Action 3 around 30 minutes. You might spend a further 5 minutes forwarding this eBlast to members of your family and friends who might have similar concerns about the human health and environmental risks of genetically modified foods.


Action 1 on GM


We call on all Europeans to respond to the Avaaz petition which is moving ever closer to securing one million signatures needed to get the EU to review its planned approach to legitimising the mass cultivation of EU crops on crowded European soils. Act now, it'll take less than a minute of your time.


Action 2 on GM


It's also essential that as many European citizens as possible make known their concerns about hidden GMOs in animal products that are presently not required to be labelled as containing GMOs. By 3rd May 2010, European citizens must write to their elected representatives in the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee of the European Parliament. Locate your relevant MEPs and ask for their support over the amendment (Article 8(7)) of the Novel Food Regulation which will make it compulsory to label all food products derived from animals fed genetically modified feed. As much as 85% of compound animal feed in the EU now contains GMOs, and this completely unacceptable trend has occurred simply because consumers have not been given the choice to discriminate between foods produced from animals fed with or without GM feed.


Action 3 on GM


There are also two critical public consultations that are going to guide how the EU is to handle increased pressure to legitimise cultivation of GM foods. The consultations are by none other than the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which has been previously slammed for bias towards the biotech giants. But the more informed responses received by EFSA, the better the chances of Europe not going the same way as the US, where maize and soya are now predominantly GM varieties, and around 75% of processed foods in supermarkets contain GMOs. The consultations can be found on the EFSA website and the deadlines for submission (electronically via the website) are 30 April 2010. Invaluable guidance about how to get your anti-GM views across in these consultations is given by GM Freeze.


Alternative medicine works, says Prof Ernst!


Many of you will now be familiar with controversial Exeter University based professor of complementary medicine, Dr Edzard Ernst. He has (in)famously been seen as a major opponent of alternative therapies, given that he has consistently been reported in the media attacking the validity of alternative medicine. His seeming prejudice against natural health hasn't been helped by his alignment with anti-alternative medicine, pro-GMO, pro-vaccination lobbies like Sense About Science. He's even written a book about it (Trick or Treatment) that was pushed for all it's worth by anti-alternative medicine interests around the world. But the good professor has decided to take another look at his results. And guess what he's found? He has admitted to being surprised given that his own research shows that the majority of his treatments do actually work better than placebo, even using his somewhat flawed methods! In fact, in our story on this, we compare Ernst's results with orthodox medicine - and you can guess which was found to work better!


ANH-Intl brings you three features! Serendipity combined with hard work from three different contributors means that we can bring, for the first time, three ANH features in a single eBlast! The topics covered by these features are:

  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in animal feeds, and their unwitting consumption by Europeans (by Freya Young-Jamieson, ANH-Intl work experience student)
  • The background behind the attacks on alternative medicine, and homeopathy in particular (by Dr Lionel Milgrom, chemist and practising homeopath)
  • The benefits of the Mediterranean diet (by Dr Matthew Papaconstantinou, post doctoral research fellow in biochemistry and molecular biophysics, Washington University School of Medicine)


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