by David Marsh


Congratulations are due to Simon House, winner of this year's Cleave Award - in appreciation for his remarkable work in pre- and perinatal nutrition and emotional care.


Indeed Simon has introduced to the Society a new dimension to the world of nutrition - the importance of emotional nurture of the mother, as well as nutrition, for psychological as well as physical health of her fetus and child. His deep knowledge and experience in the fields of psychotherapy, nutrition, evolution and now epigenetics have been a most welcome contribution to us all.


Small wonder then, because our Chair of many years, Professor Michael Crawford, was elected President following the death of Professor David Morley (as reported in a recent newsletter), that Simon was elected Chair.


At our committee meeting on March 26th, preceding the AGM lecture evening at the Medical Society of London, Chandos Street, W1, thanks were given, endorsed by all present, to Michael Crawford for his many years work for the Society. For a very busy scientist who spends much of his time not just running his own Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition (IBCHN) and the Mother and Child Foundation, but travelling constantly, lecturing and advising throughout the world, his work for the Society is doubly commendable.


We are delighted that Rachel V Gow of King's College and the Institute of Psychiatry has agreed to take the post of Executive Officer. Her proven organising abilities will be greatly appreciated by members old and new. Welcome aboard Rachel!


Plans are afoot for expansion of the website. Thanks were given to our Webmaster Trevor Bennett for the huge amount of work and time he has given the Society and thanks likewise to his wife Linda. On-line membership, application and payment is now available, and it is planned to put all McCarrison Society publications on-line. This follows the current trend in publishing, for the phasing out of hard copy publications - bearing in mind the disproportional costs of print and postage. Hard copy newsletter addicts relax: a few copies will still be printed and mailed! See "Membership Changes" for advanced proposals, and the covering letter if you have received this Newsletter in the post.


Recent examples of front line publications going entirely online can be seen in Michelle Berriedale-Johnson's 'Foods Matter' (the only magazine devoted to allergies and hyper-sensitivities (including electrical and chemical hypersensitivity) - and Dr Sandra Goodman's Positive Health Our thanks are due to Michelle - a long time member of the Society - for guidance and help recently given.


Nutrition and Health, published in association with AB Academic Publishing, will continue to be published hardcopy and circulated as usual at present, but negotiations have started to enable this Journal to be made available On-line as well, as wide-spread publishing experience shows that on-line availability boosts circulation and sales of hardcopies.


Robert Brown was welcomed on to the Committee. His book 'Omega 6, the Devil's Fat' has caused ripples and commendations in the world of essential fatty acids. Robert has kindly agreed to lead exploration in taking membership of the Society to India, where Sir Robert did much of his seminal work.


Congratulations are also due to our Vice-President, Dr Andrew Strigner, for his remarkable new book 'The Food Fallacy', reviewed below. Dr Strigner was Chairman of the Society 1985/6/7: he has been practising in Harley Street for several decades - indeed he still is - and is widely known by the cognoscenti as 'Dr to the Stars'.

(The Food Fallacy;