I was interested to read Tom Stockdale’s article regarding the new low energy lamps and the electro-magnetic field surrounding them. He is, of course, entirely right on this fact but he omits to mention that everything else electrical has a similar field around it to a greater or lesser extent. Indeed even the wiring in his house will have an electro-magnetic field around it when it is in use to supply power to other forms of lighting as well as Hi Fi equipment and televisions. Both of these items will have magnetic fields around them.

If he has a medical condition which is so sensitive to these magnetic fields, I would recommend him to turn off the electricity to his house at the main switch and revert to either gas lighting or even candles. Don’t risk using a torch because that is powered by batteries providing D.C. electricity, which is known for providing electro-magnetic fields as in D.C. traction motors etc. In which case Tom should only travel by steam train during daylight hours so that no D.C. lighting is necessary. Indeed he would be well advised also to stay away from his car as that too, as a modern vehicle, will have an engine management system involving a simple computer and thus have an electro magnetic field.

Neville Gay – Scottish Group.