What is the evidence for Transcendental Meditation? There are now more than 600 scientific research studies on Transcentental Meditation which have been conducted in 240 universities and hospitals in over 24 countries. More than 120 of these have been published in leading scientific journals. What has been found is quite conclusive. The level of rest gained during TM is deeper than any other kind. Regular experience of this profound rest is enough to eliminate the deepest stress. The resulting benefits are profound for both mental and physical health and general well-being. For example recently published results from one particular study were quite remarkable.

The medical insurance claims of a group of 2,000 people who practiced TM were analysed for a five-year period and compared to 600,000 clients of a major insurance company.

Compared to non-meditating groups the TM group had:
44% fewer visits to doctors.
53% fewer admissions to hospital.
70% fewer days in hospital.
55% lower incidence of tumours of all kinds.
87% lower incidence of heart disease.
30% lower incidence of infectious diseases.
87% lower incidence of disease of the nervous system.

As a result of this study several health insurance companies around the world now offer reduced premiums of as much as 40% to clients who practice TM. With this growing body of evidence there is increasing medical recognition of TM. In Great Britain alone hundreds of doctors recommend it to patients.

Tension headaches
Skin conditions
Nervous tension
Coronary heart disease
High blood pressure
Chronic bronchitis
Excessive smoking
Excessive drinking
Mylagic encephalomyelitis

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