On Their Way To Freedom From Lethal BT Cotton – Farmer’s Wife Finds Forgotten Traditional Methods Better To Replace BT Cotton Based Feed

Since he came to know the toxicity and lethality of oil cake of cotton seed (called 'Khal Binola' locally) to farm animals Mr. Atma Ram Echra, a renowned and committed farmer of village Kalirawan in District Hisar was wondering how it would be possible to eliminate the oil cake of cotton seed from the feeds of farm animals.

Within less than twenty days of initiation of campaign against the killer crop, BT Cotton in the village, the answer came from the wife of this committed farmer. Mr. Atma Ram Echra, who under his able leadership has successfully persuaded members Shaheed Bucha Ji Kisan Club (Farmers' Club) based at the village to boycott BT cotton in a drive under the aegis of Kisan Bachao Andolan (Save Farmer Movement), is known for his love and dedication for animals and nature. He has never sold any of his male buffalo calves to butchers, which is a usual practice in the area.

Mrs. Roshni Devi, wife of Mr. Atma Ram Echra, like millions of farmers, noticed that the farm animals do not like the taste of mustard oil cake, which is possibly the only available alternative to oil cake of cottonseed in this part of India. She remembered her own traditional past practice of soaking the mustard oil cake in tap water in an earthen pot/pitcher for 1/2 to 1 hour. Intermittent shaking with hand for 3 to 4 times is also done. This, she believed frees the mustard oil cake of pungency and possibly off flavour and thus mustard oil cake becomes palatable & acceptable to the animal. The same mustard oil cake, which was not liked by animals, is being eaten well by them now. This practice also increases the milk yield of the buffalo she believes.

Mrs. Roshni Devi owns four buffaloes out of which two are presently yielding milk. She is practising this method of reducing pungency of mustard oil cake for last about 4-5 days and results are quite encouraging. There is no decline in milk yield in any of the animals yet. Her neighbouring farming families are willing to adopt this simple but effective traditional method of increasing palatability of mustard oil cake. In this way, they found a simple but effective method of avoiding poisonous oil cake of genetically modified BT Cotton, which is killing thousands of animals and making millions of animals sick in India.

Mrs. Santosh Rani, wife of renowned Salmonella scientist Dr. Y K Kaura, a resident of Hisar city in Haryana state says that in old times (about 50 years back) it was a common practice of soaking mustard oil cake, salt, grains, etc. overnight. This practice rendered the feed highly palatable to animals.

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