Do not believe the government or the Health Protection Agency when they say mobile phones (and by implication Wi-Fi) are safe; they are not. They can cause excruciating pain to some “electrosensitive” individuals, they interfere with normal brain function and have been shown to shatter the DNA in living human cell cultures. All of this can be found in peer-reviewed scientific journals but until now, has not been in the public domain.

The government and the Health Protection Agency are under huge pressure from the mobile phone industry (from which the government receives tens of billions of pounds in tax and licence fees) to deny that there are any health effects at all. They usually hide behind out-of-date “official” safety guidelines that were drawn up when it was thought that the only way that living organisms could be harmed by electromagnetic radiation was if it were sufficiently strong to cause significant heating.

This is totally false. There have been countless papers in scientific journals over several decades that show very clearly that there are non-thermal biological effects (some of them extremely harmful) of electromagnetic fields that are well below the official safety guidelines.

Their last line of defence was by asserting that there is no known mechanism by which the extremely low energies of these fields could possibly have the claimed biological effects. However this last bastion was cracked when I published just such a mechanism and it is surprisingly simple.

It has been known for over thirty years that weak (but not strong) electromagnetic fields can selectively remove calcium ions from cell membranes. But these ions play a vital role in stabilising the membranes; their loss makes them more likely to leak, and this can account for virtually all of the known biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields.

These membranes, which are only two molecules thick, surround each living cell and also divide it up into various internal compartments. From our standpoint, the most important compartments are the lysosomes, which are normally responsible for recycling cellular waste and are packed with digestive enzymes. If they leak due to electromagnetic exposure, these enzymes are released into the rest of the cell and begin to digest it. The cell literally tries to “eat” itself. This causes the fragmentation of DNA which has been seen in many studies and the skin rashes found in many electrosensitives. Changes in the permeability of nerve cell membranes can generate false action potentials, which degrade the signal to noise ratio of the brain and reduce its ability to perform complex tasks and, in some people (about 3 percent of the population), cause physiological symptoms ranging from mild pins and needles to extreme fatigue and severe pain.

But probably the most dangerous effect is DNA fragmentation, which causes a loss of fertility and predicts genetic damage to future generations. With getting on for two billion mobile phones now in existence, their cumulative effect threatens the entire human genome.

[Ed: It is of interest that the Swedish mobile phone system works on 1/5th of the power of ours in the UK. Their medical profession also recognises electrical hypersentivity as an illness. By law, companies are required to provide electromagnetic-free rooms and equipment for use by those who are electrically hypersensitive].

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Andrew Goldsworthy, 2007.