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2. McCarrison Society AGM & Cleave Award 2007 Agenda

 3. Food Colouring Confirmed Bad for Children, Food Standards Agency
     Refuses to Act
     The Institute of Science in Society(ISIS)

 9. Protecting Breastfeeding – Making Formula feeding safer:

Request for  help to strengthen the UK Legislation on Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula
12. Björn Carlson Receives the 2006 Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award
      Stockholm International Water Institute
15. The Truth About Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi
      Andrew Goldsworthy
17. EU Ruling on Natural Source Vitamins and Minerals
     Alliance for Natural Health

19. Scientists Find Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World
     The Institute of Science in Society(ISIS)

20. Report Says Tuna Tax to Boost Sardine Intake
      Alex McNally with comments by Prof. Michael Crawford

22. Foods for Ocular Health

25. The Specialty and Fine Food Fair, Olympia, London

26. Book Reviews: The Boiled Frog Syndrome; Skewed; Brave New World of
      Zero Risk; Animal’s People