For existing Members who subscribe to receive the UK Newsletter by post, with or without the Journal "Nutrition and Health", we are currently making no change to Membership fees, which are as follows:

1. Full Membership to receive the Journal by post and the UK Newsletter by post:
£40 per annum (25% reduction for full time students and Retired Members = £30)

2. Full Membership to receive only the  UK Newsletter by post:
£20 per annum (25% reduction for full time students and Retired Members = £15 per annum)

Members of the Scottish Group also receive their own Newsletter in addition to the above.

However, we need to control our production and postage costs as much as possible. We are using the Website to further the Aims of the Society by spreading the information we collect and collate as widely as possible. Increasing the use of the website by the Public and Members has no proportionate extra cost to us, and so we can explore possibilities for expanding our influence in other parts of the world, while looking forward to increasing income from fees and publication sales.

We hope to attract as many as possible entirely new Members via the website, and we have a new, Online-Only membership option to download current (and past) Newsletters, and receive Articles forming these Newletters by email, as soon as they become available, and this subscription costs £10 per annum (this includes no rights to Conference discounts) but not to offer these new Members postal delivery of printed UK Newsletters. At the website, only the £40 per annum Full Membership option will be offered to receive the Journal by post, and Conference discounts, but no 25% discount.   All Full Members may receive Conference Discounts where applicable. ALL Members have full access to Members' Web content and facilities.

The McCarrison Society for Nutrition and Health
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