From a paper given to National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA), in the USA, by Professor Michael Crawford.

The above implies that next phase of our relationship with the fresh water, estuarine and coastal resources require clean water and coasts as an absolute first priority (which is referred to) and with a second priority being the development of marine agriculture (of the seabed – as opposed to aquaculture).

The present fishery systems are mere extenuations of hunting and gathering which is a Neanderthal or Stone Age mentality. 10,000 years ago the recognition that land resources were becoming limited led to the domestication of animals and plants. Nothing needed to be done about the rivers, lakes and oceans as they were so rich. That was true until very recent times when pollution and lethal hunting and gathering methods have virtually destroyed the massive wealth of nutritious food achieved by carbon fixing (see below).

In your country the Indians around Lake Tahoe never made boats because to catch fish all they had to do was to wade in the water. In my country the bar men in the East end of London around the 1900 period would take their buckets to the Thames and collect oysters to put on the bar free for people who bought beer. In Maryland they harvested 616,000 tons of oysters in 1889 but that was down to 12,000 by 2002. This meant that 270,000 tons of CO2 was sequestered (fixed in shells, dumped on the land, out of circulation) in 1889 and 7,000 tons in 2002 i.e. a difference of 263,000 tons CO2. And this is just one estuary. Almost all others have been destroyed by pollution the last century.

FAO has it that the capture fishery system plateaued some 20 years ago. Marine agriculture as I demonstrated in Hawaii is happening in Japan and Indonesia. It is the only solution. This should be a major part of the NOAA future strategy. Not just to analyse and document but to make progress in this new dimension. To take action to use the marine system to protect both the planet and human health and mentality. The brain evolved in the sea 500 million years ago using DHA and still depends on it today.

Forget not that populations are rising to 9 Billion in 2050. The Wellcome Trust in its 10 year strategic plan refers to the crisis in global nutrition and incidentally also to the brain. 70+% of the planet is covered in water. Of the 30% land much is inhospitable desert, rocky mountains and ice or snow bound waste lands or even rain forests which need to be preserved at all costs. The East Asian countries got the message from the 2009 Manila conference and its declaration. 

We in the EU have plans to develop marine agriculture. The US with its similar high incidence of major depression, mental ill health and heart disease could help find a solution to help in both global warming and human health and mentality. Brain and heart disorders have in common a dependence on the right or wrong kind of fats. However, the brain is better protected and as I predicted in 1972 there would be a time lag between the rise in death from heart disease and the rise in brain disorders, which has now happened. Mental health and brain function is critical. If brain disorders continue to rise this century as heart disease did last then the outlook for economic progress, social cohesion and mental ill health is sinister.