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Congratulations to Dr. Robert Verkerk and his team at the Alliance for Natural Health. ANH has been spearheading Europe's response to the EU's Food Supplements Directive, which potentially could ban some 300+ vitamin & mineral forms from the market. These include boron, an essential trace element required for bones, and vanadium - thought to work with chromium in the blood sugar equation and therefore involved with obesity and diabetes.

In these days of major soil depletion,

with a food chain radically changed from that on which our species evolved, much nutrition comes from supplements; vitamins, minerals, essential oils, fibre, etc. Many people the world over rely on various supplements, as witnessed by pharmacists and health food shops shelves. Their use is widespread in hospital treatments and nutritional therapists bring patients back to health with their use.

This brings up the question raised in these pages not long ago by Geoffrey Cannon (once editor of this newsletter): where does the McCarrison Society stand on the subject of nutrition supplements?

Whilst the Society is a campaigning organisation concentrating on world-class science and improving nutrition, do we take a pedantic and puritanical attitude that all supplements are to be shunned (if we did, could we be viewed as living in the 19th century)? Or, do we embrace supplements as an important part of our current food chain?

Were we to take the former attitude, then what about fish oils in a bottle, or capsules, vitamin C in 1-gram doses or those common supplements many of us take to keep on top form?
Comments would be welcomed.

Whilst the Alliance for Natural Health naturally supports the latter view, that supplements are indeed a vital part of our 21st century larder, many members are keen we should not only whole-heartedly support but congratulate them, taking on the might of the EU judicial system and looking – in many important ways – like winning.

Meanwhile our Society is attempting to enlighten our own Government with marginal success (see Chairman’s reports, below).

A decisive court case on April 5th in the European Courts of Justice ECJ delivered the opinion of the Advocate General Geelhoed (the most senior adviser to EJC) who considered the Food Supplements Directive invalid under EU law. {}

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