Joint World Congress in Moscow, 20-24 May 2007 : 
The 17th International Congress of the International Society of Pre- & Perinatal Psychology & Medicine (ISPPM) and
6th All-Russia Congress of the Russian Association for Pre- & Perinatal Development (RAPPD)

THE PRENATAL CHILD AND SOCIETY: The Role of Prenatal Psychology in Obstetrics, Neonatology, Psychology and Sociology

GOALS of the Congress:
1. An exchange of research results and practical successes between leading psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors from Europe, America, Asia and Australia to encourage further theoretical and practical development of pre- and perinatal psychology and medicine.

2. To familiarize ourselves with the accumulated research data, and to clarify the role of pre- and perinatal psychology in the development of related disciplines, for its wider professional and public appreciation.  

3. Building-up a social and psychological climate in society by preparing optimal conditions for the prenatal physical and mental development of children, that will ultimately contribute to:
the preservation and improvement of our global gene-fund;
future human generations more fully achieving their genetic potential; and
the solution of urgent demographic problems suffered by some countries.

4. The opportunity for Congress participants to acquaint themselves with the healing of prenatal traumas by leading psychotherapists, and their prevention by psychological support throughout pregnancy, and advanced delivery practices and postpartum care.