Saturday 14th October 2006 at 11am

Steele Conference Suite, Perth Royal Infirmary


Dr Paula Baillie Hamilton M.D. PhD.

“How pesticides make us sick”

Dr Vance Spence

Chairman  M.E. Research UK

“Is there a case for artificial chemicals in the development and / or persistence of some cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?”

{} Dr Paula Baillie Hamilton is an expert in the field of Environmental Medicine. She specialises in using natural methods to reverse the widespread damage modern chemicals have on our health. In addition to being a medical doctor she also holds an academic doctorate in Human Metabolism from the University of Oxford. She is a Visiting Fellow in Occupational and Environmental Health at Stirling University. She appears regularly on the media in UK and the USA. She has written several books including “Toxic Overload” and “Stop the 21st Century killing you”.

Dr Vance Spence is the Chairman and co-founder of the Perth based UK charity ME Research UK ( which is currently funding several projects, including brain, skeletal muscle, immune cells, chronic pain and blood vessels.

Before he retired with ME, Dr Spence was formerly Principal Clinical Scientist responsible for  Vascular Diseases & Research in Ninewells Hospital & Medical School in Dundee. He is currently Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Vascular & Inflammatory Research Unit where some of ME Research UK’s work is carried out.




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