Anthropological, Medical and Nutritional Considerations

We are delighted to invite you to this very exciting 2 day international conference

Wednesday 8th– Friday 10th May 2013
Venue: Grange St.Paul’s Hotel, London EC4V 5AJ

This conference aims to cover the most significant recent research and evidence which shows that man's evolution has been influenced by a significant exposure to an aquatic or semi-aquatic environment and that this has important implications, not only on understanding our past, but provides vital information about our present lifestyle and future destiny. We are delighted that special guests, including Sir David Attenborough, Sir David King, Professor Michael Crawford, Dame Valerie Beral, Professor Brunetto Chiarelli and Professor Stephen Oppenheimer, to mention but a few, will be participating.
Some major highlight of the conference is on:
‘Origin and Evolution of Speech’
‘Global Nutrition - the Implication on Health and Poverty’
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