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Held Tuesday 22 November 2011. See response by Prof Michael Crawford, President, McCarrison Society.

David Marsh is awarded the Cleave Cup after presenting the lecture:"Origins of Diversity";

Co-author with Michael Crawford of Nutrition and Evolution, 1995, (The Driving Force,1989)

  • Electrosensitivity, including oxygen treatment – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson.
  • Eat-To-Treat – A Radical yet Simple Solution to the Obesity Crisis     –   Joseph Lightfoot.
  • Great-Grandchildren – Global Poverty, Nutrition & Ecology: the shaping of OCCUPY - Simon House, Chair, McCarrison Society

A new book, for 3-11 year-olds, with a foreword by Marguerite Patten, Cook School (link to commercial website) may be a useful tool. The review in the Daily Telegraph by Bee Wilson concludes "Now we just need a new Ministry of Food to broadcast these skills to the country. "

see also our earlier article Keep Kids Cooking

From: Dr Myriam Wilks-Heeg, Liverpool

Andrew Lansley's plans to tackle the UK's obesity crisis without imposing legislation on the food industry (Lansley's new obesity pan branded 'worthless rubbish', 14 October) is hardly surprising given the government's links to industry, its cuts to initiatives such as Health4Life and its curtailing of the role of the Food Standards Agency. Indeed, it seems that every effort is being made to support the oligopolistic control of the UK food market by large multinational corporations,

From: Chris Record, Liver physician, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Of course a minimum price per unit of alcohol will lead to a higher price of alcohol for all. However, the leaders of the alcohol trade associations (Letters, 14 October) carefully ignore the fact that 75% of alcohol is consumed by 25% of the population and it is this group who are drinking alcohol at unsafe levels. Thus the major effect of a minimum price policy is to target that section of our society who are harming themselves or those of us who are drinking at lower risk limits.

Read more: Why the food and alcohol industries need tougher regulation (Guardian Letters)

Our oceans are being systematically destroyed and we have little time to raise the alarm. The seafood industry uses long chains of heavy metal disks to drag nets across the sea floor in search of fish, crushing everything in their path. This bottom-trawling is like clear-cutting a forest to catch a parrot -- and only our outcry can stop it. Already nearly 700,000 signatures have been collected - help Avaaz reach its new target of 750,000.

click here to sign the petition:

Read more: Campaign against unsustainable deep water trawling - please sign!

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