At the forthcoming conference in Paris, the French Society for the Study of Lipids (SFEL) awards Professor Michael A Crawford, the President of the McCarrison Society the prestigious Chevreul Medal.

The Journées Chevreul Lipids & Brain III 2015 conference will be held in Paris on 16-18 March, 2015, at FIAP Jean Monet. This conference follows on from the success of the previous conferences of 2007 and 2011 held in Paris, which have hosted more than 200 participants from more than twenty countries. At those conferences, two outstanding scientists were honored with the French CHEVREUL Medal for their pioneering research- Dr Stanley I. RAPOPORT (Bethesda, USA) and Pr. Nicolas G. BAZAN (New Orleans, USA).

In 2015 Professor Michael Angus CRAWFORD from Imperial College (London, UK) will be honoured for his research on DHA metabolism, neurosignaling and human brain evolution. Professor CRAWFORD is one of the pioneer researchers who was actively involved in the discovery of the essentiality of omega 3 fatty acids, and the presence and the functions of DHA in brain membranes.

You will find the program here  Online registration is available here