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Food and Behaviour Research

Diet is important not only for physical health, but also for optimal mental development and functioning. Scientific evidence shows this, but clear and reliable information on this kind of research is not easily available to many people who are interested in its practical applications.

FAB Research today announce a new book by Dr Alex Richardson, "They are what you feed them "

and also their Glasgow Conference on 23 January 2007 , "Diet, Behaviour and the Junk Food Generation"


Junk food banned in school meals

(BBC News 19 May 2006) School dinners in England will be free from chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and "low-quality" meat from the autumn, the government has announced. Education Secretary Alan Johnson has published nutrition guidelines banning meals high in salt and fat.

UK Govt: Fish oil for all children?

Brain food: Why the Government wants your child to take Omega-3, the fish oil supplement

A tiny daily capsule can have a dramatic effect on pupils who usually play up in class, improving behaviour and work. Now all youngsters may be given them. Marie Woolf and Jeremy Laurance report in The Independent On-Line

Consensus Statement from US and EU citizens groups on marketing of foods to children

from the EU/US Conference, Good practices: Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.
Brussels   12th May 2006. The Conference took place in the Commission’s Charlemagne building, with closing addresses by Commissioner Kyprianou and US Deputy Secretary for Health and Human Services Alex Azar.
This is a time of public health crisis and significant, sustainable action must be taken which is commensurate with the severity of the problem. Governments are responsible for safeguarding the health of their populations and should make fundamental changes in the food environment, rather than focusing primarily on education programmes aimed at changing individual behaviour. No public health epidemic has ever been resolved by attention to individual responsibility alone. This one too will require government leadership, protections and changes to the structural environment.


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