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14 March 2006:Ofsted Reports on School Food

Oftsted have just released two reports in reaction to concerns about school meals (Crown Copyright 2006):
Healthy eating in schools, a small scale survey into the quality of school meals.

A second report, Food technology in secondary schools, confirms that pupils spend too little time learning how to cook nutritious meals and too much time on written work. It also highlights confusion about whether food should be taught as a life skill or as a medium for teaching design and technology.

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Professor Alan Lucas was interviewed today on BBC TV London News.

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School Dinners in France

The debate continues in rural France as well. The Pontivy Journal discusses costs, education, nutritional balance, culinary herbs and organic ingredients. Parents here in Central Brittany pay around 2.50 euros per day of which 33% is ingredients cost, 58% is salaries (in the case of a full time(?) cook serving 50 dinners a day for example) and 9% fuel etc. I don't think the Government, national or local, pays anything...{}