The Role of Essential Fatty Acids in Paediatric Nutrition * RCP Accredited *

September 9th and 10th 2008

(Report in preparation)

Brain disorders, such as ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and the neurodevelopmental consequences
of IUGR and prematurity now cost the NHS £77 billion. This is thirty times greater than the cost of obesity and more than CHD and cancer combined.

Ongoing issues and the relevance of early nutrition will be discussed.

Aims and Objectives of this course:

This course aims to improve the knowledge of healthcare professionals in the importance of the roles of fatty acids in maternal, foetal and paediatric health.

Programme and Speakers:

Key Speakers:

Prof Alex Richardson (Oxford University)
Bernard Gesch (Oxford University)
Prof Carlo Agostoni (University of Milan)
Prof Clara Lowy (IBCHN/ St Thomas’, London)
Prof EphraimYavin (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
Prof Keb Ghebremeskel (IBCHN, London)
DrManuelaMartinez (ManuelaMartinez Foundation, Barcelona)
ProfMichael Crawford (IBCHN, London)
Prof Peter Dunn (Emeritus Professor University of Bristol)

By the end of the course delegates will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the role of fatty acids in neurodevelopment
  • Recognise the importance of fatty acids in clinical diseases/ illnesses
  • Have a better understanding of nutrition and behaviour
  • Have an up to date knowledge of fatty acids in the nutritional management of metabolic/ genetic diseases
  • Be aware of the importance of establishing treatment plans and referral pathways in specific neurodisabilities


Day 1

Essential Fatty Acids and Paediatric Nutrition - Tues 9th September 2008

Session 1 – Early development of the brain

Chair: Simon House (McCarrison Society, UK)

8.30am Registration & Tea/ Coffee

9.30am– 10.10am

Prof Michael Crawford (IBCHN/ The Mother and Child Foundation, UK)

What are essential fatty acids: their role in pregnancy and fetal development

10.10am – 10.50am

Prof Ephraim Yavin (IBCHN, UK andWeizmann Institute, Israel)

The omega 3 fatty acids are not only essential for the brain but also help to protect it

10.50am – 11.10am Tea/ Coffee

11.10am – 11.50am

Dr Manuela Martinez (Manuela Martinez Foundation, Barcelona, Spain)

Dietary management of Zellweger’s Syndrome

Prof Carlo Agostoni (University of Milan, Italy)

Phenylketonuria: where do we go now with dietary management?

12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch

Session 2 – Genetic Disorders

Chair: Dr Robert Lister (Mother and Child Foundation, McCarrison Society, UK)

1.30pm – 2.10pm

Prof John Dodge (University ofWales, Cardiff)

Advances in Cystic Fibrosis have come through management and diet

2.10pm – 2.50pm

Prof Clara Lowy (IBCHN & St Thomas’ Hospital, UK)

Maternal and fetal nutrition in diabetes and obesity

p> 2.50pm – 3.10pm Tea/ Coffee

3.10pm – 3.50pm

Prof Keb Ghebremeskel (IBCHN, UK)

Sickle Cell Anaemia and fetal nutrition

3.50pm – 4.30pm

Liz Neal (Paediatric Dietitian)

Ketogenic diets and the control of epilepsy

p> 4.30pm – 5.10pm

Dr Joe Brierley (Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK)

Ethics in paediatric research

6pm – 7.30pm Reception

Day 2

The Role of EFA’s in Paediatric Chronic Illnesses – Weds 10th September 2008

Session 1 - Disorders in childhood

Chair: Nina Brierley (Paediatric Dietitian, IBCHN, UK)

9.00am Registration & Tea/ Coffee

9.30am– 10.10am

Dr David McCarthy (IHRP, UK)

What are the causes of childhood obesity and how can it be prevented and treated

10.10am – 10.50am

Nina Brierley (Paediatric Dietitian, IBCHN, UK)

Children with Down’s Syndrome are at high risk to diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s

disease. Can nutritional intervention help prevent the development of these disorders?

10.50am – 11.10am Tea/ Coffee

11.10am – 11.50am

Dr Natalie Sinn (Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, University of South Australia,


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism

11.50am – 12.30pm

Prof Alex Richardson (Oxford University, Food and Behaviour Research, UK)

Omega 3 fatty acids in school children’s learning and behaviour

12.30pm– 1.30pm Lunch

Session 2 - Behaviour

Chair: Dr Enitan Ogundipe (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital/ Imperial College London)

1.30pm – 2.10pm

Dr Mei Yen Chan (Dept of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, London Metropolitan University,


Nutrigenomics—a new era of dietetics

2.10pm – 2.50pm

Bernard Gesch (Oxford University, UK)

Does the nutrition of young offenders matter? A study on supplementing young violent

offenders with fatty acids and micronutrients suggests that it does

2.50pm- 3.10pm Tea/ Coffee

3.10pm – 4.10pm

Prof Peter Dunn (Emeritus Professor of perinatal medicine and child health, University

of Bristol)

Ethics and perinatal care around the world