BBC TV News carries a report from the Fabian Society today (27 March 2007) BBC Video

More babies are born at dangerously low birth weights in Britain now than in 1989, a report says.
The study was carried out by the Fabian Society, a left-leaning think-tank, which called the finding a "scar on the national conscience".

The Chair of the McCarrison Society wrote to Gordon Brown in 2005 alerting him to the impact in the UK of poor diet and poverty on low birthweight and the sharp rise in mental ill health amongst young people. Read here or download a copy of "Women will eliminate poverty in the UK". We would like to think this stimulated him to ask Sir David Cooksey to report on NHS and MRC medical research effectiveness, but the report does not adequately address research on prevention - see the Chair's comment here or download  "Memorandum Regarding The Cooksey Report On Medical Research"

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