from Food and Behaviour Research

One of the most worrying aspects of the western diet today is not so much the amount of fat, but the type of fat it contains.  
We have long been warned about the risks from diets high in saturated fats, but in fact, the trans fats found in most processed foods are a far worse problem.
Listen Again to Radio 4's The Food Programme, Sheila Dillon investigates the issue of trans fats in our food.  You can listen here:  The Food Programme  - Trans Fats .  
She will be asking whether a voluntary agreement by the food industry to eliminate them by the end of the year is enough to prevent the kind of health problems associated with a diet heavy in industrial cooking fats.  Among the contributors to the programme is Dr Alex Richardson of FAB Research <> .
This programme will also be repeated at 16.00 on Monday, 11th July.
We have compiled a free fact sheet for you about hydrogenated and trans fats, and how they affect your health.  Download it here FAB Research Fact Sheet - Trans Fats <;list_id=list1-253&amp;list_index=4> .