The UN is poised to create a powerful new department for women who say they have been sidelined for decades, to rectify a glaring omission in the world body. Our own Mother and Child Foundation and the Muscat Declaration have called for a "World Charter for Mothers"

Advocates for women's rights are looking for a fully-fledged agency with a budget of $1bn (£639m) on a par with other high-profile UN departments, to address crucial areas such as violence against women, property rights and HIV/Aids.

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The child is represented by UNICEF, Save the Children Fund, Institutes of Child Health and the many other organisations and fund raising activities. There is no voice for the mother Mark Belsey, then Director of Maternal and Child Health at WHO, Geneva, at the Inaugural Conference that started the Mother and Child Foundation
The Health of the Nation Depends on the Mother and Child, Royal Society of Medicine, London [November 1993]

The world health evidence. The mother is the key to the next generation. Belsey M. Nutr Health. 1993;9(2):75-80.

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Stages in reproduction particularly vulnerable to xenobiotic hazards and nutritional deficits. House S. Nutr Health. 2000;14(3):147-93.