Subject: new UN chance for supporting women/mothers

 The Mother and Child Website has been calling for a "World Charter for Mothers", Also I have  asked for a UN Organization for women based on the presentation I gave in Geneva on the pivotal importance of maternal health and nutrition to the health and ability of her child as well as to her own health..

The child is represented by UNICEF, Save the Children Fund, Institutes of Child Health and the many other organizations and fund raising activities. "There is no voice for the mother"  Dr. Mark Belsey, then Director of Maternal and Child Health at WHO, Geneva, at the Inaugural Conference that started the Mother and Child Foundation and the McCarrison Society
The Health of the Nation Depends on the Mother and Child, Royal Society of Medicine, London [November 1993]
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It is essential now that the supreme importance of the maternal health and nutritin is recognised both for her health and for the health and intelligence of her child.
The rise in brain disorders with mental ill health overtaking all other burdens of ill lhealth is the greatest threat to health and social stability yet.

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, then Director General of WHO opening the XVIII European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, Oslo, 2002[i] said this:. 


In most countries in Europe, women can receive the news of a pregnancy confident that it will be a period of attention, support, and assistance. But for pregnancies in our world, the reality is very different. “A young women in Ethiopia, for example, goes into the reproductive phase of her life with a one-in-ten chance that she will die as a result of pregnancy or delivery. That is not only shocking - it is totally unacceptable.


It is vital now to  create a sharper focus on the role of the mother in national health plans and policies. Indeed the need for a global initiative at the  UN has never been greater.