SHORT COURSE 8th and 9th September 2009

Aims and Objectives of the course
•     To promote the latest predictions of the World Health Organisation concerning a global rise in mental ill-health
•     To raise awareness of the WHO predictions concerning a 50% increase in child mental-ill health by 2020
•     To acknowledge that depression has taken over from other diseases such as obesity and cancer combined as the number one global killer
•     To gain knowledge concerning the latest research practices and treatments across diverse disciplines: from neuroscience to psychiatry
•     To better understand and explore the link between mental health and nutrition

Who should attend?

The programme is designed with speakers who, although specialists, will present material in a readily understood manner by people without specialist knowledge. It will range from the presenting of the front line evidence base on nutrition and environmental conditions on the brain as well as providing evidence from the operation of practical programmes to address the issue of mental ill health.
It cannot in two days be totally comprehensive but for those new to the topic will provide the basic science, the facts and examples of practical experience in the field. For those already involved there will be new evidence on brain, development, epigenetics, plasticity and ageing. For all, it will demonstrate the gravity of the rising cost of mental ill health and the consequences should it continue to rise this century as heart disease did last. It is a timely reminder that in 1972, it was predicted that brain disorders would increase following in the wake of the rise of death from heart disease unless action was taken. This prediction was based on common nutritional principles of the vascular and neural systems.  The more careful protection of the brain during embryonic and fetal life implied the impact of nutrition and environment would exhibit a time lag compared to the vascular system which continues to grow during childhood and into early adulthood. That prediction has now been proved correct and raises perhaps the most serious health challenge of the present time.

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