The McCarrison Society is seeking nominations for the 2007 Cleave Award

Preference will be given to those who have published on the benefits of fruits, vegetables and fibrous foods and the dis-benefits of purified carbohydrates and high quantities of sucrose in the diet. 

Nominations should be sent to the chair of the McCarrison Society, Professor Michael Crawford, on one A4 page with a description of the individual's achievements in nutrition and health together with a brief CV. The person need not be a member of the Society.

2006 Award to Dr. Joseph Hibbeln
Dr. Joseph Hibbeln of the National Institutes of Health, USA was presented with the 2006 Cleave Award for his important and thought provoking work on nutrition and mental health.

He gave the keynote lecture at our cutting-edge conference which brought together PSYCHOLOGY & NUTRITION, and showed how nutrition, hormones and genomics are powerfully affecting future generations' mental and physical health. The conference title was "Generating Healthy Brains - Nutrients and Hormones in Development:, mental health through coordinated care of life's beginnings" organised by Simon House and held at the Innholder's Hall 17 January 2006.