Why do so many devastating influenzas such as Bejing flu and avian flu, originate from China?
and What we can DO (flock keepers, farmers, Industry, Regional Govermnents)
Could the answers lie with the mineral levels in the soil?
by David Marsh Dip Agric. – scientific writer

KEYWORDS Soil demineralisation, viral mutation, rockdust, carbon-sink

ABSTRACT Viral mutation rates appear to increase in selenium deficient conditions. Soils worldwide, and in China particularly became impoverished in the 20th century since the introduction of artificial fertiliser use and intensive agriculture post WW11. Plants are able only to obtain minerals from the soil. Artificial fertilisers contain only 3 or 4 minerals: fertile soils contain upwards of 60, as does the blood of mammalian species. Mineral starved soil produces mineral deficient crops, animal and human populations with poor immune function. Specific types of volcanic rock contain 80+ minerals and trace elements and is widely available. When broadcast on soils it functions as a ‘carbon-sink’.

The complete article is a cover feature in the June 2006 edition of Positive Health magazine, available from Friday 26/05/2006 or see www.positivehealth.com

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