David Smith writes Sun, 26 Feb 2006

Empower pupils with knowledge from pre-school to A level and they will then be able to decide for themselves and we hope make the right choices. This is the way for a ?better approach? (Marketing Public Health, 27 February 2006).

This requires underpinning knowledge and understanding relating nutrition to health within the national curriculum at Key Stages 1-4, and combine it with practical application of purchasing, preparation, cooking and storage skills.

Policy objectives such as ?informed consumer choice? are empty phrases when the food and drink industry spend an estimated £700m in targeting children in foods high in salt sugar and fat. Innovation is important, but this needs to be within the national curriculum or the equivalent across the UK.

Yours sincerely

David Smith, Policy Adviser,Welsh Food Alliance
216 Stow Hill, Newport, NP20 4HA{}