Chair, The McCarrison Society:
This is the best and most valuable program I have seen on TV and should not be missed - viewable for 30 days on: - or some can get it on 'catch-up'.
I should like Michael's comment on the recipe for the mother's vegetable roll for prepregnancy onwards, transported out to clinics. I didn't pick up iodine or marine essential fatty acids. [ I believe vegetable Omega 3 was mentioned. TBB] Barker is a splendid man and this has succeeded in getting the basic prepregnancy message further out to the public than anyone but the recipe, though clearly benefitting general life-health, may not do all it could for the brain if it included marine omega-3s. I'm sure we all appreciate that the recipe is local foods rather than supplements, though these may be needed too. And it must rejoice the spirit of Sir Robert McCarrison that this new work has again begun where his did - in Bombay! 

Note the caution that this will take more than one generation to judge the effect to restore the damage of poor nutrition of mother and grandmother. It was good to hear the allusion to epigenetics. This program could also have a powerful effect on Indian mothers: they have been said to eat less in pregnancy for the easier birth of a smaller baby.