A new campaign from within the next generation of Doctors is launched and the McCarrison Society for Nutrition and Health is co-operating from the outset.
Move Eat Treat
isn't the same old drone from your doctor about losing weight. It's about creating innovative solutions, tools and guidance to really equip people to change.

The Campaign
Poor diet and lifestyle choices are a major cause of obesity and chronic disease. This is indisputable. Incredibly, doctors and other frontline medical staff receive next to no training on lifestyle advice.
We Are Being Let Down !

The current status quo is failing everyone: Medical practitioners are being failed by education because we are not taught how to empower people and give lifestyle advice. This in turn fails patients, who are subjected to the pain and distress of life- threatening disease because they are not given the tools or the chance to change. Eat To Treat can change this.

With your support we hope to:

    * Revolutionise medical professional’s training, with lifestyle as a core theme.
    * Form a roundtable of experts to create a new strategy for lifestyle change, embracing habit formation and behavioural psychology.
    * Empower frontline medical staff to utilise this lifestyle strategy to create a healthier, happier Britain.

Consider becoming a Foundation Fellow by going to the campaign's website