In this millennium, the greatest threat to our future security comes from the escalation of non-communicable diseases which now kill more people than the tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS and all infectious diseases combined. By 2020, mental ill health will share the top three burdens of health with perinatal conditions and heart disease.

More people are killed today by non-communicable diseases. The bulk of diseases are related to our diet. The most sinister aspect is that the diseases of the West (i.e. obesity), are now being exported to third world countries and world cities, i.e. Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

The Aims Of The McCarrison Society

The purpose of the Society is to assemble scientific knowledge on nutrition and health that is free from economic and political pressures with the object of securing the physical and mental health of future generations. We work to:
  1. Promote health by advocating sound nutrition according to the teaching of the late Sir Robert McCarrison, who believed that the most important factor in restoring health is healthy nutrition.
  2. Collect and collate information and evidence from all over the world regarding the relationship between nutrition and health.
  3. Encourage and initiate further research projects in the field of nutrition.
  4. Urge the inclusion of nutrition as a mandatory subject in medical departments and encourage the teaching of nutrition in schools, according to the principles developed by Sir Robert McCarrison.
  5. Disseminate relevant information through conferences, lectures and by liaison with other scientific bodies and the agricultural community.
  6. Fund, where appropriate, the publication of books and papers and make relevant information available to the news media.
  7. Provide speakers to take part in media debates intended to inform a wide audience of the importance of nutrition in maintaining good health.